>Happy Turkey Day

>I was going to begin this post with pictures of troops eating turkey on Thanksgiving, but let’s  be honest here.  That’s one of those obvious news stories.  Ever since George H.W. Bush ate Thanksgiving dinner on the hood of a HMMWV, and since George W. Bush made a surprise entrance at a Thanksgiving dinner earlier in the war, the whole “Troops Eating Turkey” story has been done a million times over.  For the record, I had turkey, dressing, potatoes, the works.  And I’m thankful that I’m as awesome as I am.  

But on to the real story.  You know, Sun-Tzu once said “lure them with the orthodox then strike with the unorthodox”.  Well, I intend to have this story lure with the orthodox (Turkey), and
 then strike with the unorthodox…
Behold, more Turkey:
Yes, as I post this message, it’s about 5:30 in the morning on the East Coast of the United States, where we are celebrating one of the most American of holidays–Black Friday.  Forget Thanksgiving.  It’s actually kind of depressing when you consider that the friendly Native Americans later got killed in mass numbers–they gave the Pilgrims turkey, the Pilgrims gave them smallpox.  Instead, why not concentrate on great capitalistic principles and spend some money!  And if it’s money that we don’t have, that makes it that much more American.  
Our FOB is the host of a local Turkish Bazaar.  Nothing quite captures the feel of Arabia than buying goods from local…Turks.
If you like The Gilmore Girls, you’re in luck.  You’re also probably a sad, pathetic human being.
In addition to the selection of carpets at the Bazaar, there’s also a wide host of DVDs one can purchase, many not available yet in the US (Hello, Battlestar Galactica Season 5).  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I’m thankful that US copyright laws apparently don’t exist in Iraq.
And, of course, what’s a Turkish Bazaar without a fully-loaded selection of Hookahs?
Granted, it might be best to do some shopping on Amazon.com, but if you’re looking for hard-to-find DVDs and don’t feel like putting up with pesky US copyright laws, then the Turkish mall is the place for you.

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Major Crispin Burke is a US Army aviator qualified in the UH-60 and LUH-72 helicopters. Major Burke has served in the 82nd Airborne Division, 10th Mountain Division, and Joint Task Force-Bravo in Honduras. In what is likely a sad statement on the state of humanity, Major Burke's writings, musings, and irreverent cartoons have been featured at Small Wars Journal, National Defense University, Foreign Policy Online, Wired Magazine, Egremont, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Great Satan's Girlfriend.
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