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>Holding your breath…

>While it’s true that the the US military has greatly improved security all over Iraq, there are always those cities you look at, which cause you to hold your breath. Baghdad, with its Shia-dominated suburb, Sadr City is one. Mosul, … Continue reading

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>A War on Two Fronts

>When I was in Joint Task Force-Bravo in Honduras, I got to do a number of interesting missions–airborne operations with nieghboring Latin American militaries, humanitarian relief missions, and security force training. We also did some interesting training for potential personnel … Continue reading

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>Military term of the day: LGOP

>Well, with another sandstorm blocking us in for most of the day, it was time for another philosophical discussion. Today, everyone’s favorite 82nd Airborne Division Alumnus (me), discussed the concept of “Little Groups of Paratroops”, or LGOPs. During the Normandy … Continue reading

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>This part got left out of Seven Pillars of Wisdom…

>Today is ANZAC Day–a day in which we celebrate the achievements of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, specifically those during the Battle of Gallipoli during World War One. It is worth noting some interesting trivia about the battle. … Continue reading

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>Myspace losers are becoming extinct

>Thanks to the efforts of hundreds of millions of Facebookers, Myspace is gradually being snuffed out as a social networking site. Myspace and Facebook catered to two different crowds. Facebook, with its emphasis on using one’s real name and initially … Continue reading

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>Proof, I require

> Last week, General David Petraeus published an article advocating higher education for military officers, saying “the most powerful tool any Soldier carries is not his weapon but his mind”. And yesterday, I picked up a copy of the first … Continue reading

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>And today perfectly sums up the point of yesterday’s post. Christ, I hate posting timely topics. At Least 140 Dead in Two Days of Bombings Violence levels in Iraq are still among the lowest since the war in 2003, but … Continue reading

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>The Game of Jenga Begins…

> Every now and then I get a chance to fly to the city of Samarra, along the Tigris River. Flying into Samarra is always a special treat, allowing us the opportunity to skim just a few feet over the … Continue reading

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>The Most Useful News Article Ever

>The British newspaper, The Guardian, has just published the penultimate article of our times. Easily Pulitzer-worthy. Iranian Snipers or Wookiees? How to Tell Them Apart

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>Afghan Surprise

>A recent article from Politico had some interesting surprises in the new proposed Afghanistan policy. Some of the highlights include the following: The Pentagon’s senior military leaders are worried that the security situation in Afghanistan is stalemated or deteriorating, and … Continue reading

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