If Grey-Eyed Athena did Odyssey Dawn


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Ricks is right.

It’s fallacious to compare the recent action in Libya with the Iraq War.  Regime change isn’t likely to happen without a sizable troop commitment, and with Qadaffi firmly in control of western Libya.  (That also means neither is a long-term occupation)  And unlike Iraq, the US is going to war with the added bonus of a UN Security Council resolution, and the tacit backing of the Arab League (though the Arab League quickly reneged on its approval).

Yet, could NATO claim success if it simply brokered a cease-fire between Qadaffi and rebel forces?  And even if there were a cease-fire, what would be the terms?  Qadaffi doesn’t seem the sort to share power.  Would he simply let the rebels–hardly a monolithic group–keep what they’ve seized thus far?

More importantly, would NATO continue to enforce the cease-fire with a No-Fly Zone?  And if so, for how long?

In that case, maybe Iraq does prove a useful analogy.  That is, if you’re referring to the Iraqi No-Fly Zone, circa 1991-2003.

In that conflict, the US contained Saddam Hussein–and attempted to shield Iraq’s minority groups–through a decade of constant combat air patrols, and almost weekly aerial strikes.  Are we prepared to do the same in Libya as well?

Update: I just read this piece.  Is The New Yorker hiring?

Update 2:  At least I’m not the only one confused as to where Odyssey Dawn is headed.

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