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  • Qaddafi’s control over Libya crumbles, rebels in Tripoli
  • Assad appears on Syrian TV, rejects calls to step down
  • Panetta: Iraqis agree to negotiate on extended US presence
  • Israel, Egypt move to ease tensions
  • Afghan election panel orders unseating 9 lawmakers
  • Defense budget could be decimated over next decade
  • Fly: Leaders must remind US that this is still the American moment
  • Messerschmidt: Revolutionary Guards continue to rise in Iran
  • Schake: Admin’s smart power ushers in more dangerous int. order
  • Belarus suspends agreement to give up its HEU supply

About Courtney Messerschmidt

Is a personae for the contact, co creator, poster girl and correspondent of GrEaT sAtAn"S gIrLfRiEnD a collective of diplopolititary junkies. A real girl, she is an annoying, arrogant, audacious, bloodthirsty, conniving, cool, cruel, deceitfully sweet, discombobulated, flirtacious, jealous, hedonistic, lazy, machiavellian, manipulative, militaristic, self absorbed, self aggrandizing, self centered, semi charmed, semi retarded, shallow, spoiled, stuck up, high maintainance ne'er do well pixie with a penchant for immense libraries, depleting strategic cash reserves and wrecking cars every 10 months. Super saavy history and current events. My superior intellect and easy going smartassticness armed with a chaotic emotion meter gave me a formidable ability to be independently dependent. Currently exiled in Hillbillyland, I wield a vocabulary far above my tiny tiny weight class and have traveled widely including Europe, the Middle East and Alabama. I like Am Ex, Carte Blanche, Discover, Mastercard, Ray Bans, Visa and devouring American Dollars in alarming quantities.
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