Smart Power, Soft Power, Gunpowder And Lead

Kindred spirit Caitlin deploys asymmetrical tactical delights:

Lowy Interpreter, Rodger Shanahan has written a post wondering why women are unwilling to write or talk publicly about international relations. At the end of this rather troubling post, Mr. Shanahan states that he “would welcome public comments from women who are unafraid to be published on the blog as to why women appear to be the forgotten sex when it comes to international relations commentary.”

Established female voices like Princeton University’s Anne-Marie Slaughter, former director of policy planning for the U.S. State Department, who currently writes for the Atlantic; counterterrorism expert Leah Farrall; Journalist Naheed Mustafa; the women who are helping to set policy at think tanks like Research Director Kristin Lord at the Center For a New American Security (the female representation of which was defended by Andrew Exum here); or young, vocal women such as Natalie Sambhi of Security Scholar; Diana Wueger, who writes for the Atlantic, UN Dispatch, and her own blog Gunpowder & Lead; the unconventional Courtney Messerschmidt of Great Satan’s Girlfriend; Lauren Jenkins of UN Dispatch and International Development Without Pity; Elmira Bayrasli of Forbes; entrepreneur and blogger Kalsoom Lakhani; Morehouse’s Laura Seay; and countless others currently seeking a voice through their work, through Twitter, or through a number of other avenues.

All of these women, and many others, are writing, talking, tweeting, blogging, debating, working in the field, taking every opportunity they can get to be heard. We are here. We are in the public realm. We want to be heard. It’s just not clear that you are listening.

Direct Hit! Fire For Effect. Just to add Dr Kim Kagan and countless hoochies that make academia, DoD, State, MoD, academia (oh gaahh! Those guys again) and the think tank world run

And now for the unscholarly bit.

Amen sister! Being funny, smart hot! and fashionably couture’d bears certain costs, nicht wahr? As admitted in private correspondence – wimmenses over 30 do NOT dig girl action in any endeavor.

Especially mine. LOL

Why cause? Who cares? Perhaps it’s like any given city’s music scene?  Personally plan to continue ripping til me do get buckled bay bee


Pic – “Yes, we are quite provocative. And certain elements are easily provoked”

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  1. Mark Pyruz says:

    My shout out goes to Hillary Mann Leverett (now at Yale):

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