Strong Defense – Strong America

Congresscat Randy Forbes fires up the initiative called, “Strong Defense, Strong America.”

“Some argue that another $600 billion of defense cuts will not hurt America. We can do more with less, they say. Or, we can just do less. They are wrong.”

“What is at risk is a weakening of the pillars of America: trade, jobs, diplomacy, global trust, innovation, and the American way of life. Defense cuts matter. Because a strong defense means a strong America.”

The initiative is in response to covetous eyes lusting after the Def Budget:

“Even before Congress agreed to slash roughly $400 billion in defense spending, our military commanders described our forces as being on the ‘ragged edge. In unambiguous terms, our military leaders have warned that further cuts to an already tattered force would demand not only fundamental restructuring of our armed services but a vast re-ordering of what it is our nation expects from our military. The country’s next chief military officer has called these defense cuts “extraordinarily difficult and very high risk.”

Donnelly and Schmitt scribe it:

The fact is that the United States has been in an extended “defense drawdown” since the end of the Cold War, reaping substantial “peace dividends” throughout the Clinton years, during the Obama years, and now under the Budget Control Act. Indeed, more than $800 billion has been cut from planned spending in just the past three years. It’s time to say “enough” and to refuse not only sequestration but also a deal that avoids automatic reductions by substituting “just” a couple of hundred billion more in defense cuts. These are “savings” the nation cannot afford.

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