Day One

The introductions are made and over a dozen ppl are queried by name and segregated into to two diff groups into two diff buildings on the ancient campus at Davidson. The Blue and Green teams – the Coalition and Iran

Other cats are on hand pretending to be Iraq, Russia, Turkey, Egypt and Pakistan

Yours truly was directed to the Iran team.

Key players repped Supreme Leader, the Revo Guard/al Qods, Revo Guards Navy, Revo Guards Rockets, what’s left of Syria, control of rocket rich rejectionists in the Strip and Hiz’B’Allah.

The assignments were in ginormous semi sealed manilla envelopes on a table complete with uncomfortable looking chairs. An avuncular older cat (whose tufts of hair about the side of his glasses and temples gave him a – uh – horned – somewhat demonic appearance) intro’d himself as an intell gift from Vlad

 “The enemy coalition is determined to strike in the later days of December. The sanctions and engagement tactics have been judged to be a failure and recent events like the impending collapse of and possible civil war in Syria have convinced them a devastating  blow  will stop Iranian new clear  weaponization progress.

“Propositioned munitions in the Gulf and increased Saudi, Little and Great Satan air maneuvers indicate 3 avenues of air attacks.

“Sources have revealed ballistic missiles are on standby for launch readiness throughout occupied Palestine.  Incirlik Air Base in Turkey along with Bagram AB in Afghanistan has rec’v’d additional drones and aircraft.

“USS Kearsage Marine Expeditionary Force is somewhere near Greece and two American Carrier Groups are in theatre – one in Persian Gulf and one in Indian Ocean…

The ex GRU General hired gun droned on and on – listing the Sunni Zionist Crusader Forces aligned against us.

“The envelopes before you inform who you will be portraying in this exercise and the forces, options any ad and dis vantages you have along with maps and ranges you may require . In a moment you will separated into different rooms – each with a referee and a cellular device allowing text only contact. Contact may be intermittent repping Coalition interference

“You may open them now.”

The crisp cutting sounds of brass clasps and paper cuts resound along with multi intakes of breath.

Whoa! There it is bold 14 size font

Secretary General of Hiz’B’Allah.

Looking over the sheaf of paperwork listing asymmetrical and rocketry assets were staggering – HbA truly has a global reach.  Several treats that jumped out aside from drone bases near Litani river, all the chiz available from Syria via Beirut Internat’l were the North American cells. And 2 in Mexico possessed rockets with more on hand in Venezuela

We began thinking out loud. Blue team – the coalition isn’t really going after the new clear sites – it would only delay progress –  they plan on attacking the regime

“4,900 JDAM bombs are stockpiled in the UAE These precision bunker-busting bombs are ideally suited for striking at Iran’s nuclear facilities. The UAE has also recently taken delivery of 80 F-16 E/F Block 60 aircraft. These are the most advanced F-16s in the world and nearly a match for America’s new F-35s.”

Still, it would take 60 attacks by each of the UAE’s F-16s to use up 4,900 bombs

Killing off the top 20% of Green Teams Leadership would devastate the team – we simply would not survive a massive targeted attack on the highest levels of command and control.

We decided – as we were being escorted to our diff locales – to strike first.

With. Everything. We. Have.


The one bit that freaked and creeped everyone out in a seduction of giddy wickedness:

See, in Iran’s great salt desert, two carefully hidden depots are emptied of their Soviet era contents – twin lead lined sarcophagi transported to two different locales.

One is a 1960’s  atomic artillery shell – the other is an ancient ‘dumb’ atomic bomb.

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