Iran War Game – Day One (Deux)

19 December 2011 Caracas (AP) State ran media announced Venezuela was sponsoring a ‘freedom flotilla’ to set sail tomorrow for Guantanamo Bay. Calling indefinite detention a “war crime against humanity,” the government slammed the U.S. based facility in Cuba, claiming additional human rights activists would also sail from various points in Mexico… 

American satellites and surveillance noted two ships from Venezuela sailed to Mexico and when they left for Gitmo with happy happy protestors – they were riding higher…

Moktada al Sadr made a televised speech from an undisclosed locale exhorting the Mahdi Army/JAM/Especial Groups to ‘…occupy the symbolic place of American oppression and the citadel of global arrogance on Arab soil.” Also known as the Green Zone. Totally peaceful of course, the protests began almost instantly as thousands thronged and semi surrounded the place.  Just unlucky perhaps,  violence began almost instantly too.

“Occupy Basra” followed quick time and British spies noted lots of Farsi speakers in town

Syrian Air Force announced exercises “Sovereign Skies” as a thinly veiled attempted deterrent to a possible NATO no fly zone over rebellious towns from Aleppo to Homs. Except Sukhoi Fencers and Fitters are hardly fighters.  And practicing very low level ground attack missions seem more attuned to the traditional Syrian version of crowd control.

The Syrian army’s 3 corps with like 6 and a half panzer divisions, three mech, a special forces division, and one Republican Guard panzer division have all been placed on alert – sans half a mech division (2 reinforced mech inf brigades) conducting their version of K2C

Increased activity at all 14 of Iran’s AF bases and even the civie fields involving massive sortees of up to 220 aircraft – including a dozen Lear Jet 40XRs. Missile drills were kept on the down low and the Grand Ayatollah Kamikaze Flotilla quietly prepared.

Two Ilyushin IL-76TD transport planes with Payam Air markings were making multi round trips to Beirut from various spots in Iran – both loading and unloading up to 50 tons each of something per trip in massive hangers.

The “Posse” prepped quite a bit rocketry and missiles for a second tier of attacks on Israel as ‘first’ tier rocketeers in the Strip and Sinai feverishly worked to kick things off very very soon.

Yet perhaps the most dangerous of Hiz”B’Allah’s asymmetrical chicanery was not in Lebanon, Iraq or the ME

They were in the Western Hemisphere...

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