WOI Daily Defense Briefing


The Pentagon is planning to ramp up its spying operations against high-priority targets such as Iran under an intelligence reorganization aimed at expanding the military’s espionage efforts beyond war zones, a senior defense official said Monday. – Washington Post

For the first time in its storied history, the secretive builder and operator of America’s spy satellites, the National Reconnaissance Office, will be run by a woman. – AOL Defense

Missile Defense

The Missile Defense Agency (MDA) is producing and buying technology before it is fully ready, crippling its efforts to develop a system that can intercept ballistic warheads from Iran or other rogue states, according to federal auditors. – Washington Times

The U.S. Navy has apparently found a way to reduce some of the early risk and cost for its Air and Missile Defense Radar (AMDR) by considering a phased approach to the deployment of the X-band sensor for the suite, according to industry sources’ initial analysis of the draft request for proposals (RFP). – Aviation Week

In floating an idea for a missile-defense kill vehicle that could work on two of the U.S. military’s signature programs, Republicans in Congress might also mend some long-running political divisions between them and their Democratic counterparts. – Aviation Week


A test flight of an aircraft designed to whip around the world at Mach 20 failed when the high speeds peeled the skin off the unmanned plane, Pentagon researchers conclude in a long-awaited report. – CNN’s Security Clearance


Analysis: As the House considers as many as four cybersecurity bills later this week, the House Homeland Security Committee will be playing only a supporting role in what could be considered one of its signature issues. – National Journal

The 100 U.S. military advisers deployed to Uganda to help track down African warlord Joseph Kony will continue their mission, President Obama announced Monday. – DEFCON Hill


Sea piracy worldwide dropped 28 percent in the first quarter of the year as attacks fell sharply in Somalia’s waters thanks to international naval patrols, an international maritime watchdog said Monday. – Associated Press


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