Monday Defense Briefing


The U.S. military is preparing for the maiden flight of a football-field-size airship laden with surveillance gear designed to do the work of a dozen drones—and destined for Afghanistan. – Wall Street Journal (subscription required)

The Pentagon is working with defense industry CEOs to tell Congress it must take immediate action to avoid automatic budget cuts, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said during a June 29 briefing. – Defense News

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey took the stage together at the Pentagon [Friday] afternoon, 12 months after Panetta took office, to urge Congressional action against sequestration and to defend the administration’s strategy in Afghanistan. – AOL Defense

Senate Republicans are floating the idea of establishing House-Senate working groups as a way to forge a compromise plan to avoid massive defense budget cuts in the coming year. – DEFCON Hill

House Republicans on Friday demanded Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) bring to the floor a plan to avoid massive defense budget cuts scheduled for this January. – DEFCON Hill

The amphibious assault ship Wasp’s combat system is obsolete, says the U.S. Navy, and has been that way for years, leading to the ship’s withdrawal in 2009 from the regular deployment schedule. – Defense News

The U.S. Defense Department has made a number of internal changes to remove bureaucratic red tape and make weapons and equipment sales to foreign governments easier and faster. – Defense News

Max Boot writes: Instead of pushing the Army and Marine Corps to pivot to the Pacific, the administration would be better advised to recognize that for the U.S., the Pacific will remain primarily an air and naval theater. By all means, increase our air and naval assets in Asia, but leave the Army and the Marines free to concentrate on the area where they have been so heavily engaged in the last decade and are likely to remain engaged for years to come. – Los Angeles Times

Nuclear Weapons

Robert Joseph writes: One can argue, mistakenly I believe, that conceding superiority to Russia in nuclear arms is acceptable in today’s strategic environment. But one cannot argue, consistent with the facts, that we are not making this concession. As Russia, China, North Korea, and other states continue to build their nuclear arsenals, and as Iran aggressively pursues a nuclear-weapons capability, the warning of the Posture Review and the hard realities of the world we live in stand in stark contrast to the president’s utopian vision of a world without nuclear weapons. – National Review Online


While recent news stories herald the previously undisclosed offensive cyber capabilities of the U.S., buried deep within recent congressional legislation is an admission that the Pentagon is actually understaffed when it comes to offensive cyber operations. – Defense News

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