Defense Briefing Monday


The White House could use its authority to temporarily delay the spending portion of the fiscal cliff early next year, according to a new report. – The Hill’s On the Money

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s will likely get half of what he wants Congress to deliver during the lame-duck session, but a deal to stave off devastating defense cuts under sequestration may not be part of that plan, defense analysts and congressional sources tell The Hill. – DEFCON Hill

The Senate Armed Services Committee will take up the confirmation hearings for Gens. John Allen and Joseph Dunford the first week Congress returns after the election, the committee announced Friday. – DEFCON Hill

For decades, the Air Force has grown accustomed to such superlatives as unrivaled and unbeatable. These days, some of its key combat aircraft are being described with terms like geriatric, or decrepit…Analysts say the Air Force has a real problem, and it will almost certainly get worse no matter who wins Tuesday’s election. – Associated Press

As policymakers focus on strengthening the economy, they would do well to consider how sequestration’s defense and other budget cuts — often portrayed as necessary sacrifices to get federal spending in line — can hurt the very economy they are supposedly designed to bolster. Simultaneously weakening the military and the economy is not the answer. – AOL Defense

The War

Afghan defense leaders on Friday pushed back against doubts that local military and police units will be able to shoulder the burden of security operations in the country once U.S. forces leave in 2014. – DEFCON Hill

As Americans fought for their lives in Benghazi, Libya, the Pentagon’s options for direct intervention were narrowed to one: a fleet of F-16 fighters parked across the Mediterranean at NATO’s air base in Aviano, Italy. – Washington Times

Foreign Armies East

Israel announced plans on Sunday to boost its Iron Dome missile interceptor system, citing successful tests of the largely U.S.-funded system conducted in light of what it called “a variety of unprecedented threats”. – Reuters

Japan is planning to develop an unmanned drone that could help detect a North Korean nuclear missile attack and to counter China’s military buildup, a report said Nov. 4. – AFP

China’s Communist Party concluded a generational shake-up of its military top brass Sunday when state media announced the appointment of an army general and a former air-force commander as vice chairmen of its Central Military Commission—the body that controls the armed forces. – Wall Street Journal (subscription required)

The test of the J-31 suggests China could eventually become only the second country behind the U.S. to develop two stealth fighter programs – an important development with serious potential implications for the tactical aircraft export market and well as the U.S. military. – WSJ’s China Real Time Report

Detailed photographs of a new stealth fighter being tested in China. It is the second such stealth fighter China has tested in as many years and appears destined to become the communist nation’s future aircraft carrier-based fighter jet, according to weapons analysts. – CNN’s Security Clearance

Chinese patrol ships entered waters around a disputed island group in the East China Sea for a 14th straight day on Friday, in what analysts here called a sign that China had embarked on what appeared to be a new, long-term strategy for challenging Japan’s control of the islands. – New York Times

Nuclear Weapons

44 and Mitt Romney have staked out diverging paths for nuclear weapons policy, global nonproliferation approaches and arms control, according to a review of their positions and interviews with issue experts. – Global Security Newswire

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