Wednesday Defense Briefing


At the international military headquarters in Kabul, it’s jokingly being called the curse of the commander’s job. The last four U.S. generals to run the Afghan war were either forced to resign or saw their careers tainted by allegations of wrongdoing. – Associated Press

The stunning revelation that the Pentagon is investigating volumes of e-mails between ISAF commander Gen. John Allen and Jill Kelley, a socialite in Tampa, throws into doubt whether Allen will become the Supreme Allied Commander Europe, a position he has been nominated for. And if he does not, it raises the question of who would go in his stead. – The E-Ring

The U.S. Senate could take up the 2013 defense authorization bill the week after Thanksgiving, says Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin. – Defense News

The recent U.S. military moves in the Pacific — many in response to Chinese territorial policies — could lead to greater oversight, especially by Congress, according to a recent Congressional Research Service (CRS) report. – Aviation Week

The U.S. Defense Department is looking at designing new weapons and equipment so foreign nations could more easily purchase them, thereby eliminating costly and time consuming redesigns needed to export many military systems today. – Defense News

The battle over the Army’s Ground Combat Vehicle isn’t only about one war machine and what it may weigh (80-plus tons) or cost ($13 some million). It’s just one front in a larger war over the Army’s armored heart and its role in the nation’s strategy. – AOL Defense

Foreign Armies East

Iran unveiled new missile and artillery systems on Tuesday, Iranian media reported, on the second day of large-scale military exercises which officials said were aimed at sending a warning to those threatening the Islamic Republic. – Reuters

A shipment of graphite cylinders usable in a missile program and suspected to have come from North Korea was found in May aboard a Chinese ship en route to Syria in what appears to have been a violation of U.N. sanctions, diplomats said on Tuesday. – Reuters

Recent pictures taken from space suggest North Korea has been testing rocket propulsion systems, another indication of the nation’s ongoing pursuit of a strategic ballistic missile, the Associated Press reported on Monday. – Global Security Newswire

Israel is considering resuming its contentious practice of assassinating militant leaders in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip in an effort to halt intensified rocket attacks on Israel’s south, according to defense officials. – Associated Press

The War

Two years before the U.S. and its allies are to hand over security responsibilities to Kabul, the Marines are putting to the test the question of whether the Afghans can hold on to hard-won gains in this restive area of the country’s south. – Wall Street Journal (subscription required)

The Haqqani Network, a group of Pakistan-based terrorists that has killed coalition troops in Afghanistan, is willing to participate in peace talks with the U.S. as long as the Afghan Taliban’s top leader approves, according to a senior commander in the group. But the commander said the Haqqanis would continue to attack coalition forces in Afghanistan, with the goal of establishing an Islamic state. – Washington Times

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano’s top expert on anti-terrorism technology has privately advised her to spike a long-planned, multibillion-dollar upgrade of BioWatch, the nation’s troubled system for detecting a biological attack. – Los Angeles Times

Al Qaeda’s leader has rejected the notion of nation states and any United Nations role in arbitrating solutions to conflict – long the pillars of international order – in a document outlining how Muslims should run their affairs. – Reuters

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