Wednesday Brief

The U.S. military is making plans to place Marine Corps special-operations teams aboard Navy ships in the Middle East and elsewhere, to serve as a rapid-reaction force that could respond to embassy attacks, hostage standoffs and other crises. – Wall Street Journal (subscription required)

It took 56 days for the U.S. to flow two divisions’ worth of soldiers into the failed nuclear-armed state of “North Brownland” and as many as 90,000 troops to deal with the country’s nuclear stockpiles, a major U.S. Army war game concluded this winter. – Defense News

Although the defense establishment fought and lost the battle of sequestration as a bloc, the aftermath may soon splinter it into its component parts. Thompson and his colleagues represent the hardware side — the builders of jets, ships, tanks and everything else that most people associate with the military industrial-congressional complex. Every dollar that goes to the Pentagon’s people, administration or other areas is a dollar that can’t buy equipment, so manufacturers want to strike early and press the department and Congress to begin cutting there. But the people side has its advocates, too. – Politico

This year’s Quadrennial Defense Review may be smaller and less comprehensive than previous rounds of the congressionally mandated look at the Pentagon’s role in the world. – The E-Ring

The Marine Corps’s plan to shift back to its traditional, sea-going roots after the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will not be thrown off-track by an ongoing review of the Pentagon’s postwar national security strategy, a top service official said Tuesday. – DEFCON Hill

How’s the United States Marine Corps, which bills itself as an amphibious force, going to fight in a world where potential U.S. enemies are stockpiling radars and missiles to keep ships that carry Marines far from their shores? They’re going to come in from the sky, according to Maj. Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, the Corps’ representative to the Quadrennial Defense Review. – Foreign Policy’s Killer Apps

Lt. Col. Lloyd Freeman (USMC) writes: The Marine Corps must recognize the change that is sweeping the U.S. military and be the trailblazers we have always been when it comes to innovating and providing the most bang for the nation’s buck. Failure to act could mean increasing irrelevance for a force that has been one of the United States’ most storied and effective fighting organizations. – Foreign Policy

Missile Defense

Congress appears to be ceding the decision over whether to fund a controversial $400 million missile defense program to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and the Pentagon’s lawyers. – DEFCON Hill

Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO) writes: Thirty years ago this month, Reagan used his foresight and leadership to inspire the nation to accomplish the impossible by moving beyond the perceived possibilities of the day. We must once again focus the nation on the goal of protecting and strengthening the peace — attainable only from a position of strength. A lot has changed since 1983, but the need for a robust missile defense has never been greater. – Politico


The woman, who remains undercover and cannot be named, was put in [charge of the CIA’s clandestine service] on an acting basis when the previous chief retired last month. The question of whether to give her the job permanently poses an early quandary for Brennan, who is already struggling to distance the agency from the decade-old controversies. – Washington Post


When Scott Borg began warning a decade ago of the various ways adversaries could infiltrate electronic supply chains, the danger was largely theoretical. He suggested that an adversary might embed malicious programs in microcircuitry, and then spy on or sabotage weapons and other electronic equipment…A decade later, audiences are no longer skeptical. – Defense News

Foreign Armies East

The U.S. and some of its allies are considering plans to increase anti-piracy operations along Africa’s west coast, spurred on by concerns that money from the attacks is funding a Nigerian-based insurgent group that is linked to one of al-Qaida’s most dangerous affiliates. – Associated Press

An African force currently in Mali should be converted into a U.N. peacekeeping operation and a separate combat force should be created to confront Islamist threats, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon recommended to the Security Council on Tuesday. – Reuters

Myanmar’s military will retain its key role in the country’s fledgling democracy, the armed forces chief said on Wednesday at an annual parade attended for the first time by democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi. – Reuters

The United States hopes to conduct ongoing antimissile drills with Japan and South Korea as part of a program of defense against North Korea’s ballistic missile capabilities, the Yonhap News Agency reported on Monday. – Global Security Newswire

Taiwan on Tuesday unveiled plans for its biggest live-fire military exercise since 2008, aimed at reviewing the island’s defense capability against a simulated Chinese invasion. – AFP

The Pentagon on Tuesday vehemently denied reports that U.S. forces are providing training to Syrian rebels in Jordan. – DEFCON Hill

Here are what might be the first photos and videos of China’s J-20 stealth fighter equipped with an air-to-air missile. – Foreign Policy’s Killer Apps

China is believed to have recently tested a new class of ballistic missiles understood to be aimed at undercutting the United States’ naval supremacy in the Asia-Pacific, the International Business Times reported on Sunday. – Global Security Newswire

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