Midweek Defense Briefing

The United States is in a period where it needs to recalibrate its defense needs, according to Rudy deLeon, the former deputy secretary of defense under 43. – Seapower

Developing adaptive leaders for a complex environment is a top priority as the Army prepares for an uncertain future, senior leaders said Tuesday. – Defense News

The Army likely will only be able to put one regionally aligned brigade through a decisive action rotation at a combat training center this year as it wrestles with tightening budgets and fiscal uncertainty, the top general of Forces Command said Tuesday. – Defense News

The U.S. Army’s deputy chief of staff for programs said automatic budget cuts known as sequestration are here to stay. – DOD Buzz

Congress will eventually authorize another round of base closures to help the US Army cut its costs and shrink its footprint, according to a top Army official. – Defense News

Though the discussion was about building the Army that will exist beyond 2020, many attitudes and approaches were met with real-time frustrations from service members, foreign militaries and industry leaders. The goal is to go from Army of execution to an Army of preparation, said Gen. Robert Cone, commander of U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command. – Defense News

The two-week federal government shutdown halted Army and Marine Corps testing of the 66 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles that Oshkosh, AM General and Lockheed Martin delivered in August for 14 months of test and evaluation, Army officials said [yesterday] – Defense News

Oshkosh Defense churned out MRAPs and M-ATVs for years during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. To thrive after war, Oshkosh has laid off some workers, but CEO Maj. Gen. John Urias (Ret.) said the firm is in selling large to foreign governments and banking on the JLTV. – Defense One

Lockheed Martin is protesting this month’s award of the U.S. Navy’s air-and-missile-defense radar (AMDR) contract to Raytheon. – Aviation Week

Lockheed Martin reported Tuesday that its profits increased by 16 percent despite defense budget cuts and sequestration. – DEFCON Hill

That horrific dawn on Oct. 23, 1983, ushered in a new era of international terrorism. The lessons learned at such high cost — about vigilance, lax standards, drinking on a dangerous deployment, security, preparation and a very different kind of enemy — remain relevant to this day as U.S. Marines, soldiers, sailors and airmen continue to fight in Afghanistan, remain on alert in the volatile Middle East and Africa, and confront terrorism around the world. – Military Times

Some 27 former Marine Corps and Navy officers and lawyers, including a general officer, sent a letter to the leaders of the Senate and House Armed Services committees Tuesday, asking for a congressional inquiry into allegations of unlawful command influence centering on Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Jim Amos and his senior legal advisers. – Military Times

When training and readiness take such hits, it is hard to argue for other desiderata like preserving the military’s connection to a broad cross-section of American society. But those cuts are lamentable and, in the long run, likely not good for American civil-military relations.  – Shadow Government

The War

The chairman of the US House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday warned that Saudi Arabia’s shift away from a longstanding relationship with the United States could severely hurt US interests. – Defense News

A federal prosecutor in Manhattan told a judge on Tuesday that a Libyan man brought to the United States for prosecution on conspiracy charges after being held in military custody aboard a Navy ship made an incriminating statement to the authorities after being advised of his Miranda rights. – New York Times

The Department of Justice has asked a federal judge to group together three alleged al Qaeda operatives accused of planning the 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies for a joint trial in Manhattan. – Wall Street Journal (subscription required)

The White House on Tuesday rebuffed suggestions from two human-rights groups that the administration doesn’t adhere to its own standards when it carries out drone strikes. – WSJ’s Washington Wire

The best option to try captured al Qaeda leader Abu Anas al-Libi is civilian, not military, court, says the top U.S. military lawyer prosecuting the 9/11 counterterrorism case here. – DEFCON Hill

Social media giants Facebook and Twitter are grappling with terrorists who are moving from websites to microblogs as a way to spread propaganda, recruit members, and communicate. – Washington Free Beacon

The defense attorney for an alleged senior al Qaeda figure captured in Libya earlier this month said on Tuesday it will take several months to sort through hundreds of thousands of documents before the case can proceed. – Reuters

Missile Defense

Lockheed Martin and its industry partners are preparing for the next and final developmental test of the Medium Extended Air Defense System (Meads), which is designed to provide 360-deg. coverage from air and ballistic threats. – Aviation Week

Nuclear Weapons

Twice this year alone, Air Force officers entrusted with the launch keys to nuclear-tipped missiles have been caught leaving open a blast door that is intended to help prevent a terrorist or other intruder from entering their underground command post, Air Force officials have told The Associated Press. – Associated Press


Cybersecurity and missile defense are among the topics defense leaders from the 28-nation NATO alliance are addressing during their two-day meeting that wraps up Wednesday, according to a NATO press release. – Global Security Newswire

Germany called for closer military integration between groups of NATO countries on Tuesday as the alliance grappled with how to keep its defenses strong at a time of falling military spending. – Reuters

NATO’s chief said Tuesday he hoped Turkey would keep in mind the military alliance’s views as it mulls a missile defense deal with China. – AFP

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