Tuesday Defense Briefing

Turns out a littoral combat ship will be headed to Hawaii this summer after all. Adm. Jon Greenert, chief of naval operations, told an audience in Washington Monday that the Independence will operate off Hawaii as part of the huge Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) exercises to take place in June and July. – Defense News

The United States has increased the number of Marines and aircraft stationed in Sicily who could be called upon to evacuate Americans from the U.S. embassy in Tripoli as unrest in Libya grows, two U.S. officials said on Monday. – Reuters

Lasers that can shoot down incoming missiles have been a work in progress since 40’s “Star Wars” days. Now, the Army and Navy not only have working demonstration models but ambitions to field real-world weapons circa 2021. This time, insisted Pentagon science advisor Howard Meyer this morning, it’s really going to happen. – Breaking Defense

The Defense Department disagrees with a recommendation to increase transparency to Congress on the costs of F-22 modernization, according to DoD’s response to a Government Accountability Office report calling for more oversight of the program. – Defense News

The White House is threatening a veto of the House version of a $601 billion defense bill over election-year moves to spare weapons systems and popular programs in the face of limited budgets. – Associated Press

As the Pentagon looks toward the future of cyber warfare, it needs to ensure its data remains protected from outside sources during military operations, a top US Air Force official said today. – Defense News

The Pentagon announced May 16 that it has passed on a request to Congress for a sale of 3,335 Humvees to Mexico in a deal that would be worth $556 million. – Defense News

The War

By Mr. Comey’s own account, he also brought to the job a belief, based on news media reports, that the threat from Al Qaeda was diminished. But nine months into his tenure as director, Mr. Comey acknowledges that he underestimated the threat the United States still faces from terrorism. – New York Times

The fiery British cleric who prosecutors said had “devoted his life to violent jihad” and sent young men around the world to train and fight was convicted Monday of all 11 terrorism-related charges against him. – New York Times

44 is relying less on drones and more on foreign governments in the global fight against terrorists. – The Hill

Suspected Somali al Shabaab militants killed at least 12 people in an ambush in northern Kenya on Monday, a day after Kenyan jets pounded the Islamists’ bases over the border, disaster and police officials said. – Reuters

One of the militant Syrian rebel groups provided access to advanced U.S. missiles said that it is seeking “the return of all Syrian land occupied by Israel,” a stance that could potentially complicate U.S. military support to the armed rebel group. – Washington Free Beacon

The United Arab Emirates has referred nine expatriate Arabs to a state security court on charges of joining al Qaeda, collecting donations and recruiting fighters for al-Nusra Front in Syria, state news agency WAM reported on Monday. – Reuters


Four in five Germans would like to see their armed forces take part in fewer military missions and almost two-thirds think Germany should keep a cautious stance on foreign affairs, a poll found, signaling little backing for leaders’ recent calls to do more. – Reuters

NATO does not expect to base nuclear weapons or large numbers of new combat troops in eastern Europe, despite tension with Russia over Ukraine, Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said on Monday. – Reuters

Foreign Armies East

Media reports here have outlined that Pakistan is set to increase funding for the armed forces and the national nuclear body, the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC), under the forthcoming 2014-FY2015 budget. – Defense News

France has delayed plans to redeploy 3,000 soldiers to fight militants across West Africa, saying it first needs to help deal with a fresh outbreak of violence in northern Mali. – Reuters

The United States hopes to be able to expand naval cooperation with India once a new government is in place in New Delhi, the chief of U.S. naval operations said on Monday. – Reuters

By indicting members of the People’s Liberation Army’s most famous cyberwarfare operation — called Unit 61398 but known among hackers as the “Comment Crew” — the  administration has turned to the criminal justice system to reinforce its argument that there is a major difference between spying for national security purposes, something the United States does daily, and the commercial, for-profit espionage carried out by China’s military. – New York Times

Japan will establish new military outposts on remote islands, a report said Monday, as Tokyo looks to bolster its defense amid a territorial dispute with China. – AFP

Taiwan Monday launched computerized war games featuring its newly acquired AH-64 Apache helicopters helping counter a simulated attack by a Chinese aircraft carrier group, officials and media said. – AFP

Thailand’s armed forces declared martial law early Tuesday, saying the move was intended to curb the country’s sometimes violent political conflict and wasn’t a coup d’état. – Wall Street Journal


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