Mid Week Defense Briefing

Senate Armed Services Committee members have cobbled together a plan to keep the US Air Force’s A-10 attack planes flying for another year. – Defense News

A US Senate subcommittee on Tuesday approved a portion of a defense bill that increases funding for Army helicopters but punts a decision on the Air Force’s A-10 attack plane to the full committee. – Defense News

The Senate Armed Services Committee’s 2015 defense policy bill will reject a new round of military base closures, according to leaders of the panel’s subcommittee on military readiness and management. – The Hill

A US Senate subcommittee on Tuesday approved a measure allowing the Pentagon to spend billions on its most lethal forces while also clearing them to target the Boko Haram organization. – Defense News

A group of US special operations leaders outlined what capabilities their troops will need in the coming years here today, focusing mostly on intelligence gathering technologies in places like Africa and the Arctic. – Defense News

Navistar Defense is trying to convince the U.S. Army to use the latest version of its heavily-armored MRAP vehicle as a replacement for Vietnam War-era fleet of M113 troop carriers. – Military.com

The War

Al Qaeda is operating a “shadow army” inside Afghanistan to conceal its numbers and the scope of its operations, while the Taliban is on the verge of major resurgence as U.S. military forces prepare to depart, former senior Pentagon officials and leading counterterrorism analysts told Congress on Tuesday. – Washington Times

While the civil war in Syria remains a grinding battle of attrition, for Hezbollah, it has also gained the rare opportunity to display its military mettle and earn new battlefield experience. – New York Times

The Justice Department will publicly release a secret 2011 memo that provided the legal justification for the killing of American terrorism suspects overseas, according to a U.S. official, following extensive pressure on the administration to do so. – Washington Post

The conviction of a radical British Muslim cleric in New York this week drew praise from the British prime minister and home secretary on Tuesday, but some Muslims in the London neighborhood where the cleric once preached said they were troubled by his prosecution. – New York Times

At least 16 people were killed north of the Yemeni capital Sanaa on Tuesday in fighting between Shi’ite Muslim tribesmen and government forces and allied Sunni Muslim rivals, local government sources said. – Reuters

An old-fashioned turf war is brewing in the US Senate over one of the country’s most controversial counterterrorism tools: control over America’s armed drone program. – Defense News

Explosions and heavy fighting with anti-aircraft guns could be heard near two military camps in Libya’s capital Tripoli early Wednesday, witnesses said, two days after gunmen had stormed parliament in the worst violence in months. – Reuters

The threat from al Qaeda is rising, but the White House is looking to ratchet down the war against these Islamic extremists. As a result, intelligence gathered on these threats remain shrouded from the public and, in many cases, from senior government officials. And now Congress and the White House are beginning to consider modifying—and possibly revoking—the very authority to find, fix and finish those terrorists who pose the threat today.  – The Daily Beast

Foreign Armies East

A new image analysis suggests that North Korea has dramatically sped up the pace of work on construction projects at its main missile launch site. – Global Security Newswire

The Pakistani military said it killed at least 32 militants in aerial raids on terrorist hide-outs across the North Waziristan tribal region near the Afghan border early Wednesday. – New York Times

Military training and simulation programs in several Middle East countries — in particular, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan — have been rapidly growing to cope with the modernization of their armed forces. – Defense News

Despite resuming some military aid, the United States appears unlikely to quickly restore the close ties with Egypt that framed U.S. Middle East policy for decades, as concerns persist over the authoritarian crackdown since last year’s military takeover. – Reuters

Russian troops that took part in military exercises in three provinces bordering Ukraine have dismantled equipment and are moving to train stations and airfields for return to their permanent bases, the Defense Ministry said on Wednesday. – Reuters


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