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Major Crispin Burke is a US Army aviator qualified in the UH-60 and LUH-72 helicopters. Major Burke has served in the 82nd Airborne Division, 10th Mountain Division, and Joint Task Force-Bravo in Honduras. In what is likely a sad statement on the state of humanity, Major Burke's writings, musings, and irreverent cartoons have been featured at Small Wars Journal, National Defense University, Foreign Policy Online, Wired Magazine, Egremont, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Great Satan's Girlfriend.

Useful Idiots: How a Facebook Campaign Became Propaganda For Bashar Assad

Syria is a proverbial Gordian Knot; the two-year old conflict is a vexing web of proxy armies, tenuous allies, and a myriad of factions with competing goals. But just as the real conflict has been a lightning rod for all … Continue reading

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Leadership: The Military’s Life Blood

On Friday, newly-minted officers from the US Naval Academy listened to President Barack Obama call upon them to uphold the leadership lessons instilled in them throughout their four years in the academy.  Yet, had these midshipmen opened up the Washington Post … Continue reading

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Support Our Drones!

In Washington, few things bring the left and the right together.  That’s why the latest round of debates over drones–involving a strange coalition of the far left and the far right–was so surreal.  Drone hysteria filled the airwaves for days, once again, … Continue reading

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Disruptive Thinking: You’re Doing it Wrong″>rabbit

A wise man, erm, rabbit once said that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.  In that case, I’m pleased that an Air Force officer named (Presumably, Lt. Col.) Tony Carr has manage to pen an … Continue reading

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Dear America: I Hope You’re Happy

Whether they want to admit it or not, the majority of Americans got what they wanted this Friday. We’re a nation that pays far too little in taxes; and despite the rhetoric, we receive far more from our government than … Continue reading

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Disruptive Thinking: There’s No Management Like Micromanagement

So you’re leaving the US military because you’re tired of being micromanaged? As it turns out, the private sector isn’t much better.  In a recent report from Harvard Business School, entitled “The Flattened Firm: Not As Advertised“, we learn that … Continue reading

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Leeroy Jenkins, Monday Night Football, and Mission Command

Fans of this blog are undoubtedly familiar with the tale of brave Sir Leeroy Jenkins.  As Leeroy is away from the keyboard, enjoying a bucket of fried chicken, his clan leader briefs his fellow World of Warcraft players on an intricate plan to … Continue reading

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Wellington, Warblogs, and Waging War in a Democracy

I doubt Carl von Clausewitz, Maurice de Saxe or Napoleon Bonaparte could even beat Arthur Wellesley in a game of Command and Conquer. Continental strategists did, however, have one great advantage over the future Duke of Wellington: After all, grand strategy is … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: Becoming a Fighter Pilot in 2011 and Beyond–The MST3K Version

Every flight school class has “that” student. The one who unwittingly hits on female instructor pilots at off-post establishments, throwing his car keys on the bar, and referring to them as the “keys to the F-22″. The one who claims … Continue reading

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In which I debunk Martin van Creveld’s absurd views on women with Martin van Creveld’s absurd book on logistics

Israeli military historian Martin van Creveld has made immense contributions to the US military when one considers the legions of students at the various War Colleges who have written term papers specifically rebutting van Creveld’s crackpot theories.  From the same theorist who … Continue reading

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