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Major Crispin Burke is a US Army aviator qualified in the UH-60 and LUH-72 helicopters. Major Burke has served in the 82nd Airborne Division, 10th Mountain Division, and Joint Task Force-Bravo in Honduras. In what is likely a sad statement on the state of humanity, Major Burke's writings, musings, and irreverent cartoons have been featured at Small Wars Journal, National Defense University, Foreign Policy Online, Wired Magazine, Egremont, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Great Satan's Girlfriend.

Organizational Culture and Drones

I really didn’t want to knock on the US Air Force…they’ve had a bad week.  First, we re-visited the unfortunate incident in which a C-17, bound for MacDill AFB, accidentally landed on a much smaller runway 4 1/2 miles away. … Continue reading

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An Open Response to “Why the U.S. Military Needs More Leaders with Technical Educations”

In case you missed Major Jonathan A. Bodenhamer’s missive at Small Wars Journal, let me summarize it for you, dear readers:  Contrary to the claims (his word, “propaganda”) of Army senior leaders, the US Army would benefit from more officers … Continue reading

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So you want to be a strategist

Let’s face it: policy wonks inside the DC beltway love to peddle the latest tactical innovation.  There really are few true strategists. So how do you become an elite strategist?  Just follow these easy steps! Prove your credentials as a … Continue reading

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Disruptive Thinking: The military is not a business (With a nod to Ex)

Every so often, bright young officers, often frustrated by the US military’s often soul-crushing bureaucracy, turn to the private sector for inspiration.  Businesses seem fascinating to government employees–the private sector is in a constant state of competition, and presumably, only … Continue reading

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Yesterday, I had the honor of saying a final farewell to a veteran of the 82nd Airborne Division, one whom I had just met not two weeks ago.  The day came with a curious twist, courtesy of Inge Bakker, European … Continue reading

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35 Years of Star Wars″>Han

35 years ago today, Star Wars was released in theaters.  (And yes, Han shot first) Relive the orignal Star Wars:

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Le Sigh

Blogging will resume when I get my household goods.  That means I’ll be back up and running no later than June 7th. PS–Never use your iPad as a desktop replacement.

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Milblog Conference 2012

I’ve arrived in sunny San Antonio, Texas, where I’ve begun a job which will put my writing skills to good use. It’s because of my job that I will be unable to attend the 2012 Milblog Conference.  (And, if half … Continue reading

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WOI’s 2012 Milbloggie Nominees

And WOI’s 2012 Milbloggie nominees are: Best Army Blogs: Doctrine Man PowerPoint Ranger The Barefoot Strategist Best US Military Veteran Blogs: On Violence VAntage Point Best US Reporter Blogs: Line of Departure ( The Best Defense (Foreign Policy) Danger Room (Wired) At War … Continue reading

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The Foreign Policy News That Matters

We weren’t named a “COIN blog to read” by Columbia Journalism Review for nothing: I’ll be “in transit” until I arrive in the US on the 24th.  Posting will be light ’till then.

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