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Lauren Jenkins has experience in post-conflict peacebuilding, international development, and human rights advocacy. She Tweets unseriously about serious topics as @laurenist and blogs around the more liberal internationalist parts of the internet. You should give her a job.

Drones Without Borders

It seems every foreign policy problem increasingly looks like an al Qaeda training camp in Pakistan. Libertarian Somali pirates? Drones! Uppity dictator on the Mediterranean? Drones! Wedding party you weren’t invited to? Drones! Human rights abuses and mass atrocities in … Continue reading

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AWACS, pt. 2

Ever wonder what a sugar and alcohol fueled group rant about foreign policy would sound like? Look no farther than Alcohol, Weapons, Analysis, Cookies, and Snark (AWACS). Admittedly, this is part two of the published AWACS and part four of … Continue reading

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How We Honor Our Veterans When Leaving Iraq

The sons and daughters of the United States have for centuries put on the uniform of our Armed Forces bravely, heroically, and selflessly. We don’t forget their sacrifices, we honor them. Veterans Day falls on November 11 each year to … Continue reading

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