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Unbound Inquiry

Will unbridled free inquiry ensure Free world’s dominance in any endeavor? Pic – “Diffusion of Military Power”

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Books to read before the field-grade lobotomy”>Doctrine

Summer’s quickly approaching in Germany.  That means it’s time for relaxing and reading during the long, lazy evenings in the beirgartens. But what to read, you might ask? Before my impending field-grade lobotomy, I ought to make my brain more bigger (thanks, … Continue reading

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>Blogging slowdown

>I’ll be living on the floor of my apartment and posting from coffee shops for the next week or two. Don’t worry, all is well. I promise to pick up the pace once I’m safe and sound in Germany. Expect … Continue reading

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>Book review to follow

>I just finished David Kilcullen’s Counterinsurgency, which should be in the cargo pocket of every officer and NCO heading to Iraq and Afghanistan. The book is not, however, without a few flaws. I’ll cover them either late tonight or tomorrow, … Continue reading

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>What I’m reading

>Finally, I’ve gotten to Dr. Patrick Porter‘s “Military Orientalism: Eastern War through Western Eyes“. After reading the first chapter, I’ve skipped ahead to his analysis on the 2006 Lebanon War, as I’m very curious to hear his analysis on that … Continue reading

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>Back to Reading for Pleasure

> Based on a recommendation from one notable fan, I’ve started “The War for America” by Piers Mackesy, a book about the American Revolution written by, of all things, a Briton. Should be an interesting read. It’s not available for … Continue reading

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>I should order stuff from Amazon in a drunken stupor more often…

>Last week, I was out at the bar and ran into a friend from the 10th Mountain Division’s 3rd Brigade Combat Team, who had just returned from Afghanistan. As I was mentioning War is Boring’s reporter Jason Reich, who was … Continue reading

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>The New Counterinsurgency Era: Day One

>I decided to read Dr. David Ucko’s “The New Counterinsurgency Era” a little bit backwards. Why? Well, looking through the book, I noticed that a certain Army Aviator’s article in Small Wars Journal is used as a reference in Dr. … Continue reading

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>Got my stuff from Iraq back…

>I just started going through my stuff from Iraq, and I dug out my copy of Dr. David Ucko’s The New Counterinsurgency Era. I ordered it from Amazon in August and received it just as we were packing up to … Continue reading

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>A Question of Command–additional review from Dr. David Ucko

>Dr. David Ucko, author of The New Counterinsurgency Era: Preparing the US Military for Modern Wars, has penned a review of Mark Moyar’s latest book, A Question of Command: Counterinsurgency Leadership from the Civil War to Iraq. It will appear … Continue reading

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