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Unbound Inquiry

Will unbridled free inquiry ensure Free world’s dominance in any endeavor? Pic – “Diffusion of Military Power”

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>Unlikely sources

>Adam Elkus pointed me towards some great reading on Effects Based Operations and Systemic Operational Design. (I swear that I do go out on Saturday nights) Most notably, he pointed me towards a critique of SOD written by Milan N. … Continue reading

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>Col. TX Hammes does campaign design in Afghanistan

>Col. TX Hammes was one of the first to question the overall strategy in Afghanistan, noting in the fall of 2008 that, with al Qaeda’s relocation into Pakistan, the war in Afghanistan seemed to be somewhat irrelevant. Within the past … Continue reading

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>The News

> Hardly anyone in Iraq is talking about the latest plan for Afghanistan, although it is clearly dominating the milblogosphere. I can’t really say anything that hasn’t been said already, so I’ll have to pass you all on to the … Continue reading

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