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Iran War Game – Day One (Deux)

19 December 2011 Caracas (AP) State ran media announced Venezuela was sponsoring a ‘freedom flotilla’ to set sail tomorrow for Guantanamo Bay. Calling indefinite detention a “war crime against humanity,” the government slammed the U.S. based facility in Cuba, claiming additional … Continue reading

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Last Stand At Najaf

The logistical hello about trekking tons of gear and troops to Kuwait to load up and ship out also presents ops for enemies to claim they ran Great Satan out of Dodge – not unlike a Saigon redux: “Late afternoon, … Continue reading

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Libya: Airpower, SOF and the NTC

Nick Prime gets his cherry popped over at das Elkus gruppen’s “Fear, Honor and Interest” (a group hug strategic website featuring sev cutting edge all stars) with a delish bit about Libyavention and future ‘ventions. Wild Blue Yonder + De … Continue reading

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Smart Power, Soft Power, Gunpowder And Lead”>Who

Kindred spirit Caitlin deploys asymmetrical tactical delights: Lowy Interpreter, Rodger Shanahan has written a post wondering why women are unwilling to write or talk publicly about international relations. At the end of this rather troubling post, Mr. Shanahan states that … Continue reading

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Unbound Inquiry

Will unbridled free inquiry ensure Free world’s dominance in any endeavor? Pic – “Diffusion of Military Power”

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“Outside the wire and inside the loop” Those Free Rangin’ (Internat’l) cats at Free Range Internat’l have a great piece up about Karzai’s 1/2 brother getting bushwacked by his own security guard So it seems that Ahmed Wali Karzai (aka … Continue reading

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Military Strategy l’Morte?

Strategy! “The comprehensive way to try to pursue political ends, including the threat or actual use of force” Perhaps the only thing better than strategy in general – is military strategy in particular. The 2011 Nat’l Military Strategy has been … Continue reading

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Actually more like “Killing Your Way To Control.” Congrats to William F Owen for getting all published in British Army Review (PDF available here and at Small Wars Journal). And it’s about as subtle as wearing a thong to Church. … Continue reading

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Beast From The East

Not to get all China happy on your assets, check Great Satan’s Naval Warcraft College appraisal of Sino chicanery avec l’guerre. Mao’s ‘Active Defense’ Is Turning Offensive Fully crunk with Captain Mahan, Sun Tzu and a schwerpunktlicious aperitif of vClausewitz: … Continue reading

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>Regarding Fortresses (Redux)

>One of the replies I got to yesterday’s post regarding the battles at COP Keating and at Wanat comes from Paul, a Vietnam veteran. I thought I’d discuss it here, as he brings up a lot of great points. Now, … Continue reading

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