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Iran War Game – Day One (Deux)

19 December 2011 Caracas (AP) State ran media announced Venezuela was sponsoring a ‘freedom flotilla’ to set sail tomorrow for Guantanamo Bay. Calling indefinite detention a “war crime against humanity,” the government slammed the U.S. based facility in Cuba, claiming additional … Continue reading

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Wargame Teaze

As Starbuck notably noted earlier – yours truly got to partake of the infamous Committee of 5‘s Iran Wargame @ that ancient Preysbsomething something school in Davidson (“Ain’t no big deal – it’s innocent”). Let’s just say it’s gon wreak … Continue reading

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al Quds “Marg-bar Amreeka!”

WoI’s expert ex Spy guy, Persian Gulf Military Expert and academ au courant contact gives up some hot deets and 1st thoughts about the crazy asseted news re: Iran’s al Quds Praetorian Guards acting out along the death to America … Continue reading

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Hot Deets!

Libya Latest: Diplomats struggle to maintain unity NATO steps up airstrikes near Misurata Iran secretly helping Syria put down demonstrations CIA agrees to reveal more about its ops to Pakistan Taliban deepens infiltration of Afghan institutions Neumann/O’Hanlon: Afghan army on … Continue reading

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The Attack On Soft Power”>”Piece

Oh snap! Just remember kids – Soft Power is totally fake believe without hard power hanging in the hood or just over the horizon! Pic – “Piece of Me” by the soft sexyful sirens of hard hyper puissance at GrEaT … Continue reading

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>Wait a minute…

>I just noticed something. Take a look at Iran’s Asymetric Special Force Team White: And now take a look at this picture of Lady Gaga from her “Bad Romance” video: I just hope these guys don’t dress up in a … Continue reading

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>On Swarming

>I’m just as surprised as Andrew Kravetz that Somalian pirates would once again mistakenly attack a US Navy warship–this time the frigate USS Nicholas–with predictable results. While Combined Task Force 150 is fortunate to be squaring off against an opponent … Continue reading

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>Al-Qaeda Threatens US Naval Forces

>Courtesy of the SWJ daily roundup, I came across an article from the Voice of America regarding a latest series of threats against US Naval forces operating in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Aden. The U.S. Navy says … Continue reading

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>When being a star student is not good…

>The government of Iran cracks down on bright students which might present a threat to them, stealing a play from successful tyrants throughout history, including that of their former nemesis. The Wall Street Journal reports: On Wednesday, progovernment militia attacked … Continue reading

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>A story of two Irans

>Once again, we are reminded of the deep resentment towards the ruling parties in Iran, particularly among the youth. I’d have analysis, but I have a day job to go to. Courtesy of the Washington Post (H/T SWJ morning update) … Continue reading

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