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Iran War Game – Day One (Deux)

19 December 2011 Caracas (AP) State ran media announced Venezuela was sponsoring a ‘freedom flotilla’ to set sail tomorrow for Guantanamo Bay. Calling indefinite detention a “war crime against humanity,” the government slammed the U.S. based facility in Cuba, claiming additional … Continue reading

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Last Stand At Najaf

The logistical hello about trekking tons of gear and troops to Kuwait to load up and ship out also presents ops for enemies to claim they ran Great Satan out of Dodge – not unlike a Saigon redux: “Late afternoon, … Continue reading

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Actually more like “Killing Your Way To Control.” Congrats to William F Owen for getting all published in British Army Review (PDF available here and at Small Wars Journal). And it’s about as subtle as wearing a thong to Church. … Continue reading

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Hot Deets!

Libya Latest: Diplomats struggle to maintain unity NATO steps up airstrikes near Misurata Iran secretly helping Syria put down demonstrations CIA agrees to reveal more about its ops to Pakistan Taliban deepens infiltration of Afghan institutions Neumann/O’Hanlon: Afghan army on … Continue reading

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The Attack On Soft Power”>”Piece

Oh snap! Just remember kids – Soft Power is totally fake believe without hard power hanging in the hood or just over the horizon! Pic – “Piece of Me” by the soft sexyful sirens of hard hyper puissance at GrEaT … Continue reading

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Mookie Magic″>

At the risk of getting busted copping a feel from the Best Blog on Earth – ran by the cool avuncular Pulitzer Prizer (he’s also kinda hot) – “Iraq: The Unraveling LXIX” seems to surge to mind. Before splitting Iraq … Continue reading

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>What’s in a Name?”>

>I suspect one of the reasons many Americans don’t follow the Iraq War is its sheer complexity. The Second World War felt a little more simple. There were the good guys (The US, the British, and, I hate to admit … Continue reading

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>Ricks vs. Lynch. There Can Be Only One…

>(H/T CNAS Twitter feed, Marc Lynch’s Twitter feed) Today, the milblogosphere was treated to a showdown between two Colossi of CNAS, Titans of Tactics, Sultans of Strategy. In one corner, we have Pulitzer Prize-winning Tom Ricks, posting in the New … Continue reading

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>209th Aviation Support Battalion donates L-29 jet to nascent Iraqi Air Force

>Those of us who have been stationed in the “aviation section” of Contingency Operating Base Speicher are quite familiar with the L-29 Delfin jet which sat right outside the dining facility. Jets of this type were made in Czechoslovakia during … Continue reading

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>Single-National Force-Iraq

>Yesterday, the big news in Iraq concerned the official genesis of US Forces-Iraq, an acknowledgement of the fact that the US is currently the only intervening power in the Iraq War. This actually comes a few months after the British … Continue reading

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