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The Attack On Soft Power”>”Piece

Oh snap! Just remember kids – Soft Power is totally fake believe without hard power hanging in the hood or just over the horizon! Pic – “Piece of Me” by the soft sexyful sirens of hard hyper puissance at GrEaT … Continue reading

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>Move over, 82nd Airborne…

>…you’ve got some dance move competition from your counterparts in Iraq. Judging be the, uh, innuendo in this video, I estimate that, at this rate, we’ll see combat troops covering “It’s Raining Men” sometime next week. And you thought the … Continue reading

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>Links of the Weekend”>that

>Had a great weekend zipping around the Adirondack mountains in my open-topped Jeep. I needed to do this, as a complete absence of snow–even from the tops of the Adirondack Mountains–is unheard of for early April. In fact, it’s not … Continue reading

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>Weekend Roundup

> Is al-Qaeda on the run? Maybe. Pakistani forces narrowly missed Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda’s number two operative (and some say the real brains behind al-Qaeda) earlier this month. The Washington Post also reported that al-Qaeda’s operations were in “disarray”, with … Continue reading

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>South Park to take on Blackwater/Xe

>You might remember this article from the Washington Independent’s Spencer Ackerman regarding Blackwater/Xe’s latest shenanigans in Afghanistan: Blackwater personnel appear to have gone to exceptional lengths to obtain weapons from U.S. military weapons storehouses intended for use by the Afghan … Continue reading

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>WOI Groupies: It’s not too late…

>Thanks to Geeks are for alerting us to the must-have present for all the ladies this Valentine’s Day… …the tactical corset. Available in Multicam, Universal Camouflage Pattern, US Marine Pattern (“MARPAT”), Canadian Pattern (“CADPAT”), the relatively useless US Navy … Continue reading

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>Links of the Day

>Three excellent links for the day, courtesy of the milblogosphere: 1.) The new official blog of the USNS Comfort, the American hospital ship currently operating off the coast of Haiti. Really, there’s not much to say about it other than … Continue reading

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>Link of the morning is here…

>An excerpt from Zenpundit: There has been, for years, an ongoing debate in the defense and national security community over the proper place of COIN doctrine in the repertoire of the United States military and in our national strategy. While … Continue reading

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>Links of the Day

> It’s been a busy week, for certain. All I’ve had time for are a few links of the day: The US Naval Institute Blog is leading the way when it comes to analysis of the disaster relief effort in … Continue reading

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>Mi-35 Hind Awesomeness”>this

>The Russian-built Mi-35 Hind (which is an upgraded Mi-24/Mi-25 helicopter) sees plenty of service in the fledgling Afghan Air Force. For those of you familiar with the Afghan War, this is exceedingly amusing, as Mujahadeen Rebels shot down Soviet Hinds … Continue reading

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