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Weekend @ WoI

Berlusconi’s Dangerous Buffoonery – The Guardian Iran Pushes Mideast Into Crisis – Nat’l Post Why Cause Hawks Care About Iran Now? – FoPo Online China Needs a New Foreign Policy – East Asia Forum What Does China’s Aircraft Carrier Tell … Continue reading

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Beast From The East

Not to get all China happy on your assets, check Great Satan’s Naval Warcraft College appraisal of Sino chicanery avec l’guerre. Mao’s ‘Active Defense’ Is Turning Offensive Fully crunk with Captain Mahan, Sun Tzu and a schwerpunktlicious aperitif of vClausewitz: … Continue reading

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>Why Social Media Matters″>guffaws

> This exchange between an Army spouse (Identified as “Q”) and President George W. Bush during a town hall meeting in West Virginia in March of 2006 will always stick in my mind.  Let’s see if you can catch the … Continue reading

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>Time for your annual "OPSEC" PowerPoint Class…

>The US Army has created an official guide to online operational security (OPSEC, for short).  Looks like they’re taking some cues from the world’s greatest milbloggers: With a guest appearence from Matt Gallagher, author of Kaboom, an excellent war memoir. … Continue reading

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>Celebrity Day

>Make sure you stop by the Great Satan’s Girlfriend over the next few days to get a glimpse of some one-on-one interviews with, as GSGF puts it, “COIN rockstars”.  First up is Major Mike Few.

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>I think George Lucas is going to sue someone…″>

>By making allusions to Star Wars and Indiana Jones, both Tom Ricks and Spencer Ackerman tread into territory usually covered by, well, blogs like this. I don’t know if I’m moving up in the world or if this is a … Continue reading

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>Misquote Madness

> Recently, there’s been debate over at Kings of War over a quote often attributed to the Greek historian Thucydides: “The nation which draws too broad a distinction between its scholars and its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and … Continue reading

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>They blocked Kings of War? You bastards!”>

> Yes, much to my chagrin, I noticed that Big Brother has recently blocked access to Kings of War, a blog run by the War Studies Department of Kings’ College in London. As most of you are aware, KoW’s regular … Continue reading

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>What I’m reading

>Finally, I’ve gotten to Dr. Patrick Porter‘s “Military Orientalism: Eastern War through Western Eyes“. After reading the first chapter, I’ve skipped ahead to his analysis on the 2006 Lebanon War, as I’m very curious to hear his analysis on that … Continue reading

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>It begins…

> ran an article today discussing the US Army’s monitoring of the blogosphere. This is interesting; the Army hires MPRI, a private contractor, to monitor the top military-related blogs and report on the “slant” of each article: balanced, critical, or … Continue reading

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