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Iran War Game – Day One (Deux)

19 December 2011 Caracas (AP) State ran media announced Venezuela was sponsoring a ‘freedom flotilla’ to set sail tomorrow for Guantanamo Bay. Calling indefinite detention a “war crime against humanity,” the government slammed the U.S. based facility in Cuba, claiming additional … Continue reading

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Wargame Teaze

As Starbuck notably noted earlier – yours truly got to partake of the infamous Committee of 5‘s Iran Wargame @ that ancient Preysbsomething something school in Davidson (“Ain’t no big deal – it’s innocent”). Let’s just say it’s gon wreak … Continue reading

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WoI Intell Dossier: PAK, HAQ and The Green Book

One topic all gussied up is if military force alone can settle the problem of the Haqqani network or if a political settlement is necessary.

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Hot Diplopolititary”>

Diplopolititary – adj (dip -lo- polit -itary) Of, relating to, or characteristic of diplomatic, political and military concerns, endeavors of pre, au courant or future Westphalian or nonWestphalian nation states and non state actor outers. Often academia influ is implied. … Continue reading

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The Attack On Soft Power”>”Piece

Oh snap! Just remember kids – Soft Power is totally fake believe without hard power hanging in the hood or just over the horizon! Pic – “Piece of Me” by the soft sexyful sirens of hard hyper puissance at GrEaT … Continue reading

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As best understood, aside from collective defense, the same (mostly) aircraft, and the ability to xform certain member states conscript soldaten “fat, drunk and stupid,” the alliedlicious NATO also inspired a cool phonetic alphabet that gave us phrases like Whisko … Continue reading

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The Temptations of Intervention”>l’hyperpuissant

Unlike fun, friendly interventions – like stopping a posse of hotties from taking a cab and volunteering to be their designated, uh, chaperon/chauffeur (the old tricks are the best tricks) – in the geopolitical realm, interventions are for a select … Continue reading

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>Human Rights Watch Film Festival in NYC”>

>I’m sitting in the Syracuse airport waiting on a flight to Germany. As an idle mind is a devil’s workshop, I’m taking the time to tell you all about a great event taking place in New York City over the … Continue reading

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>Epic Taliban FAIL”>Frontline:

>These are the people that have been resisting invaders since Alexander the Great? I’ve seen better coordination and tactical prowess from ROTC cadets. Something tells me that they might want to get a job in something other than insurgency. H/T … Continue reading

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>It really is the tribes, stupid…

>Dexter Filkins had a good article in the New York Times over the weekend regarding Afghan warlord Matiullah Khan of Oruzgan province. While Matiullah’s model of civil administration seems to clash with NATO’s vision for stability in Afghanistan, I think … Continue reading

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