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>Yarrr, it be Navy Day at Wings Over Iraq!

>Today, I’d like to take a look at two different navies that have featured prominently in the blogosphere recently. The first navy we’ll take a look at is the Royal Danish Navy. Though Denmark is half the size of the … Continue reading

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>A bottle o’ rum fer NATO

>Monsoon season off the coast of Somalia is nearly over. That means pirate hunting season begins…

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>Baffling Questions Re: M/V McArthur

>Like the gentlemen at the US Naval Institute’s blog, I had my doubts about Blackwater Xe Services LLC’s pirate-hunting ship for-hire, the MV McArthur*. Blackwater advertised the vessel as a great investment for shipping companies looking to protect themselves against … Continue reading

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>This is a better morning wake-up than coffee…

>(H/T USNI) Blackwater’s private anti-piracy ship, the MacArthur, is now up for sale for approximately $3.7 million (place your bid here) Originally designed to serve as a paid armed escort for merchant vessels, the company has been unable to find … Continue reading

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>If at first you don’t succeed…find a different line of work

>You may remember the story of the Maersk Alabama, the cargo ship which was seized by Somalian pirates in April of this year: The crew of the ship fought back against the pirates, reclaiming the ship, but not before four … Continue reading

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>Links of the Day

>Today’s Link of the Day roundup: From Gizmodo: Liveblogging Couple May Have Been Captured By Somalian Pirates. (Somalian pirates, we!) What could be more eagerly anticipated than the revised DOD policy regarding social media? How about a revised policy regarding … Continue reading

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>Yarr, the most amazin’ holiday o’ te year, matey!”>The

> That be right, ye scallywags, it’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day! See ye scurvy pirates throughout hist’ry: The Pirate Captain runs fer Cap’n of NC State University. (full story) Search fer pirates and buried treasure! Pirate songs! Arrr, … Continue reading

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>Your 4GW link of the day…sort of…

>Analysis of the Iraq War has been sparse in the past week, even with the 30 June deadline rapidly approaching. Despite the number of large bombs that seem to have gone off within the past week, most milblogs and pundits … Continue reading

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>South Park and Piracy

>Everyone’s favorite political satire cartoon has just now taken on the Somalian piracy issue in an episode entitled “Fatbeard”. I need to download this.

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>Army Aviation and Pirates

> I had a great conversation the other day with a senior aviator that brought up some interesting observations on piracy. I was going to post this last night, but an unexpected sandstorm knocked out my Internet. One of those … Continue reading

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