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As best understood, aside from collective defense, the same (mostly) aircraft, and the ability to xform certain member states conscript soldaten “fat, drunk and stupid,” the alliedlicious NATO also inspired a cool phonetic alphabet that gave us phrases like Whisko … Continue reading

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>How many SWJ writers can you spot in this article?

>Elisabeth Bumiller of the New York Times tackles an issue of vital military importance: the pervasive use of PowerPoint. The article includes sound bytes from Gen. H.R. McMaster, Col. T.X. Hammes, and that helicopter guy that posts pictures of Megan … Continue reading

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>Tom Ricks, what hath thou wrought?!

>From today’s “The Best Defense“, regarding a TISS forum this past Friday: [USMC General James] Mattis also spoke without any computer graphics. “The reason I didn’t use PowerPoint is, I am convinced PowerPoint makes us stupid.” I don’t know if … Continue reading

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>On Powerpoint (again)

>I have to control myself, as Jason Sigger and Matt Yglesias have both posted articles regarding the military’s abuse of PowerPoint–most notably the tendency to over-simplify complex topics into slides which have the intellectual impact of cartoons. This latest round … Continue reading

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>My head will hurt if I look at this today…

> Kings of War, the Danger Room, and Building Peace have all linked a chart (courtesy of MSNBC News and Talking Points Memo) released by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, which apparently sums up the entire Afghanistan surge in one, … Continue reading

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>Contractor Question

>In the military, we contract everything. Contractors cook our food and wash our clothes. Contractors do almost all of the teaching and flying at flight school, at least in the Army. In fact, it’s a rare sight to actually see … Continue reading

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>Latest news

>Two links: Do you hate making or even just viewing needlessly complex PowerPoint slides? If so, then I have the article for you at Small Wars Journal. Secondly, Jason Sigger at Armchair Generalist points out that Iraq has been a … Continue reading

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>Posting will be erratic for the next few days. Expect an article from me in Small Wars Journal within the week. What could I be possibly writing about in SWJ? The Israeli-Palestinian conflict? The SOFA agreement which mandates that US … Continue reading

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>The Military, the Corporate World and Academia Agree…

>Powerpoint is useless… From

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>Okay, let’s start a new COIN rule…

>Here’s my proposed revision to the counterinsurgency field manual. I would like to say that one should not attempt to explain a counterinsurgency, a stability operation, and reconstruction program on just one Powerpoint slide. It brings back bad memories of … Continue reading

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