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>Don’t tell me we’ve stooped to the "Domino Theory"

>I try to avoid making Vietnam comparisons in the Afghan debate, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Take today’s post by Londonstani in Andrew Exum’s “Abu Muqawama“, in which Londonstani and British General Sir David Richards invoke the old “Domino theory” argument … Continue reading

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>Strategy vs. Tactics

> Apparently, I missed a huge COINdinista festival hosted by the US Marine Corps. Attendees included Thomas Ricks, Dave Dilegge, General Petraeus, Brig. Gen. H.R. McMaster, Robert Haddick, and Spencer Ackerman (who posted about it at his blog, Attackerman). (As … Continue reading

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>In the news, more links

>I guess some things I wrote generated a lot of talk recently.  Jason Sigger at Armchair Generalist sent some traffic (which, unfortunately, included some Internet trolls) my way the other day.  I also got a recent mention from a Military … Continue reading

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>Okay, I’m lazy today

>I’ve been running a little ragged the last few days.  I have a few links, some fun stories, and some deep thoughts, for certain.  But for now, enjoy this link from the blog of Timothy Ferriss, the author of The … Continue reading

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>And here it is now, your moment of Machiavelli

>The 16th Century writer Nicollo Machiavelli is often associated with methodical, calculated evil, even though his writings simply offer pragmatic advice for leaders, and even praise the merits of virtue.  Machiavelli is often misunderstood and even more frequently quoted out … Continue reading

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