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Actually more like “Killing Your Way To Control.” Congrats to William F Owen for getting all published in British Army Review (PDF available here and at Small Wars Journal). And it’s about as subtle as wearing a thong to Church. … Continue reading

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Special Commission to Investigate Pakistan-Al Qaeda Ties?

“Pakistani officials want to get to the bottom of this, and we’re working closely with them to help them in this investigation,” quoth 44’s counter you know what ism coordinator John Brennan to ABC News evermore. Is it time to … Continue reading

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Hot Diplopolititary”>

Diplopolititary – adj (dip -lo- polit -itary) Of, relating to, or characteristic of diplomatic, political and military concerns, endeavors of pre, au courant or future Westphalian or nonWestphalian nation states and non state actor outers. Often academia influ is implied. … Continue reading

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Checking In With Babatim

Free Range Internat’l has some cool stuff au courant on the AF end of AFPAK…    

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>Epic Taliban FAIL”>Frontline:

>These are the people that have been resisting invaders since Alexander the Great? I’ve seen better coordination and tactical prowess from ROTC cadets. Something tells me that they might want to get a job in something other than insurgency. H/T … Continue reading

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>For those keeping score

>Foreign Policy Online has a great roundup of the most recent deaths and arrests among Taliban and Haqqani operatives. (H/T CourtneyMe109. Photo courtesy of the Telegraph)

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>The trail heats up?

>I haven’t seen much reaction to this article from the Times Online in the blogosphere (H/T SWJ). It appears that the Pakistani Army captured a series of over 150 caves near the Afghan-Pakistani border, believed to have harbored al-Qaeda. The … Continue reading

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Baradar’s Arrest: More Questions Than Answers…

Update: In addition to the arrest of Mullah Baradar, we’ve also witnessed the death of the brother of Sirajuddin Haqqani, the head of the Haqqani Network, in a drone strike in Pakistan. Drones gone wild, indeed. It’s really difficult to … Continue reading

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>The Fortress of Baradar–Reflections

>(Ha! And you thought I just made Star Wars references!) The arrest of the Taliban’s chief of operations, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, is certainly a welcome development in the war in Afghanistan. Nevertheless, it’s difficult to put the arrest in … Continue reading

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>Karma is a bitch, according to this article from today’s Wall Street Journal. A quarter-century ago, [Defense Secretary Robert Gates] was a top Central Intelligence Agency officer aiding the anti-Soviet rebels in Afghanistan, and he remembered how a 1985 decision … Continue reading

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