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al Quds “Marg-bar Amreeka!”

WoI’s expert ex Spy guy, Persian Gulf Military Expert and academ au courant contact gives up some hot deets and 1st thoughts about the crazy asseted news re: Iran’s al Quds Praetorian Guards acting out along the death to America … Continue reading

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WoI Intell Dossier: PAK, HAQ and The Green Book

One topic all gussied up is if military force alone can settle the problem of the Haqqani network or if a political settlement is necessary.

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Smart Power, Soft Power, Gunpowder And Lead”>Who

Kindred spirit Caitlin deploys asymmetrical tactical delights: Lowy Interpreter, Rodger Shanahan has written a post wondering why women are unwilling to write or talk publicly about international relations. At the end of this rather troubling post, Mr. Shanahan states that … Continue reading

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P4’s Next Battle

“History will regard him as one of the nation’s great battle captains.” So spake recently former SecDef Gates about P4, the Surgin’ General that just got the gig with CIA. A testimony to the president’s faith in this approach, at … Continue reading

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Actually more like “Killing Your Way To Control.” Congrats to William F Owen for getting all published in British Army Review (PDF available here and at Small Wars Journal). And it’s about as subtle as wearing a thong to Church. … Continue reading

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Special Commission to Investigate Pakistan-Al Qaeda Ties?

“Pakistani officials want to get to the bottom of this, and we’re working closely with them to help them in this investigation,” quoth 44’s counter you know what ism coordinator John Brennan to ABC News evermore. Is it time to … Continue reading

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Hot Diplopolititary”>

Diplopolititary – adj (dip -lo- polit -itary) Of, relating to, or characteristic of diplomatic, political and military concerns, endeavors of pre, au courant or future Westphalian or nonWestphalian nation states and non state actor outers. Often academia influ is implied. … Continue reading

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Hot Deets!

Libya Latest: Diplomats struggle to maintain unity NATO steps up airstrikes near Misurata Iran secretly helping Syria put down demonstrations CIA agrees to reveal more about its ops to Pakistan Taliban deepens infiltration of Afghan institutions Neumann/O’Hanlon: Afghan army on … Continue reading

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>Get this man a blog!

>I hope that Pakistani Major Mehar Omar Khan doesn’t stop composing intriguing articles when he finishes his stint at the US Army’s Command and General Staff College (CGSC). Last week, we were treated to his essay “Is There an Islamic … Continue reading

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>And, just for clarification…

>Courtesy of Jenna (via Google Reader), we are reminded that al-Qaeda affiliates (e.g., al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, al-Qaeda in Iraq, etc) are not quite the real al-Qaeda Central (in Pakistan). For a brief primer, check out this post in … Continue reading

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