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Weekend @ WoI

Berlusconi’s Dangerous Buffoonery – The Guardian Iran Pushes Mideast Into Crisis – Nat’l Post Why Cause Hawks Care About Iran Now? – FoPo Online China Needs a New Foreign Policy – East Asia Forum What Does China’s Aircraft Carrier Tell … Continue reading

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Sexyful Psy Ops”>their

Shee Poh!  Soko’s Def Min is thinking of linking unconventional irregular land warfare with asymmetrical weaponized assets. The Defense Ministry is apparently minded to use songs and music videos by manufactured girl bands such as Girls’ Generation, Wonder Girls, After … Continue reading

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Smart Power, Soft Power, Gunpowder And Lead”>Who

Kindred spirit Caitlin deploys asymmetrical tactical delights: Lowy Interpreter, Rodger Shanahan has written a post wondering why women are unwilling to write or talk publicly about international relations. At the end of this rather troubling post, Mr. Shanahan states that … Continue reading

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American Women Veterans Foundation

Support Great Satan’s Girl Warriors! American Women Veterans Foundation believes that women have always been the catalyst for change within our homes, our communities and the world. AWVF envision a society in which the legacy of America’s servicewomen, veterans and … Continue reading

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The Attack On Soft Power”>”Piece

Oh snap! Just remember kids – Soft Power is totally fake believe without hard power hanging in the hood or just over the horizon! Pic – “Piece of Me” by the soft sexyful sirens of hard hyper puissance at GrEaT … Continue reading

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As best understood, aside from collective defense, the same (mostly) aircraft, and the ability to xform certain member states conscript soldaten “fat, drunk and stupid,” the alliedlicious NATO also inspired a cool phonetic alphabet that gave us phrases like Whisko … Continue reading

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Fliegender Bleistift”>”Bomben

“Bomben auf England!” Way back in the last millennium during the Battle of Britain – one of Deutschland’s attack craft was the sexyful Dornier DO 17 “Flying Pencil.” Long, tall, lean and mean she was originally masqueraded as a super … Continue reading

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>Classic Post re: women, alcohol, and 4GW

>Those of you who know me personally may have wondered when I became a counterinsurgency blogger instead of a blogger who concentrated on his weekend debauchery? Fear not, because I have a bit of a blast from the past–a post … Continue reading

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