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>It’s that time of the year…

>It’s beginning to look a lot like summer in Iraq. Temperatures are getting close to the high 30s C (in the 90s F), and you can definitely tell it in the aircraft. One of the little peculiarities of the Black … Continue reading

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>Afghanistan Update

>A number of links today, courtesy of Abu Muqawama. The majority of these concern NATO’s new offensive, attempting to cut the Taliban off from their opium, and thus, their funding. We’ve talked about the difficulties of counter-narcotics missions in Third … Continue reading

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>Curse You, Zenpundit!

>This morning I posted an entry on blocked websites. I looked through my RSS Reader and noticed that Zenpundit published something almost the exact same thing three hours earlier. So, yeah, curse Zenpundit for thinking of something three hours earlier … Continue reading

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>Gentlemen, Start Your Proxy Servers!

>William S. Lind, one of John Boyd’s key acolytes, and one of the key architects of maneuver warfare theory and 4th generation warfare theory posted a recent article at Defense and the National Interest regarding the recent ban on viewing … Continue reading

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>South Park and Piracy

>Everyone’s favorite political satire cartoon has just now taken on the Somalian piracy issue in an episode entitled “Fatbeard”. I need to download this.

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>Very Clever, Small Wars Journal

>I’ve been reading Small Wars Journal’s daily update for about two years. Dave Dilegge spends the entire day, as far as I can tell, collecting a number of articles for my reading pleasure. He usually groups the articles by region … Continue reading

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>Who joins the Army

>Sic Semper Tyrannis posted some great links to the Heritage Foundation’s study on demographics among soldiers in the US Army. One of the biggest faux pas committed by Senator John Kerry was his infamous “Stuck in Iraq” remark, in which … Continue reading

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>Tikrit, Iraq

>A 100% accurate documentary from Tikrit, Iraq.

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>I’d been waiting for someone to make this joke

>The guys at XKCD have got it.

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>Top 2% of deviant minds…

>So I get this e-mail, which was forwarded to about 50 people. The e-mail included a game called “Smack Your Boss“, which is kind of amusing. Turns out that I have amassed quite a reputation for being a deviant and … Continue reading

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