Things I learned this weekend

  1. Not only can Dr. Thomas Rid of Kings of War run like a thoroughbred horse, but he can do it practically barefoot, too.
  2. There are many places a car was not meant to drive.  My car’s GPS has yet to realize this.
  3. It seems many of you are under the mistaken impression that I am a veritable connoisseur of internet porn.  I say this because I received several requests to fire off some humorous tweets on the topic of Osama bin Laden’s hidden porn stash this past Friday.  What sick minds you people have… 

About Crispin Burke

US Army Aviator, Military Blogger. Self-described as a "Pocketful of Awesomeness". Does not represent the views of the Department of Defense.
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2 Responses to Things I learned this weekend

  1. Thomas says:

    Hey — Thanks again for the visit in Konstanz. Our run to the Marienschlucht was a lot of fun — and of course having those Tannenzäpfle afterwards. I hope you had a good drive home, despite of that GPS … All the best, TR

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