Info Age Arms Race

Dr Michael Horowitz – the cat that put the ‘option’ in ‘Adoption-Capacity’ theory in the essential “The Diffusion of Military Power: Causes and Consequences for Internat’l Politics” shares that PACRIM is on the verge of an Information Age arms race:

In East Asia, more multi-polar defense production capabilities could increase insecurity, particularly among states with ongoing territorial disputes, such as China and Japan (Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands), Russia and Japan (Kurile Islands), Japan and South Korea (Takeshima/Dokdo Islands) and China and some members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (South China Sea).

In the worst case, a renewed capacity to produce advanced military capabilities could encourage a classic regional arms race. The uneven spread of relevant technologies, especially armed UAVs, could further heighten insecurity.

Also check GsGf’s “Info Age Warfare” (watch out for that ‘heightened insecurity” link) and of course, the piece that launched a thousand hits – Rethinking Strategy’s “Shi Lang!”

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